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Every day, homebrewers around the world create delicious brews, but they can only share them with their closest friends. Today, in order to reach a greater audience, brewers have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in expensive equipment, locations, licenses, marketing, and distribution. It’s simply something most craft brewers can not do, and the world suffers for the lack of their beer.

We plan to change all that.

International Brewers is the world’s first open-source brewery. We are making the investment so homebrewers don’t have to. Craft beer artisans will send us their recipes. We will taste them, and if they’re great, we’ll brew them, cask and bottle them, label them, and distribute them to bars and restaurants in Panama and eventually to the rest of the world.

How will it work?

In the music industry, artists create demo tracks and submit them to record labels. The labels listen to each demo and decide whether or not to produce it. Once they do, they work with the artist to create a high quality recording and cover art, then distribute that final product around the world, sharing the profits with the artist.

We plan to model International Brewers after this system. We will accept brews submitted by craft beer makers and taste them. If we like them, we’ll move forward by producing a test batch and giving it a trial in our taproom. If it proves popular, we’ll work with our marketers to create a label design with the artist’s signature, then bottle and distribute the beer around Panama. Profits from beer sales will be shared with the brew’s original creator.

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